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released June 27, 2010

Chris Black – vocals, keys
Guy Johnston – guitar, drums
Dan Marr – bass
Recorded, produced and mixed by Rhyn

Cover photo is by John McColgan and is in the public domain.




all rights reserved



Rhyn London, UK

Rhyn are an alternative rock band based in London and High Wycombe: Chris (vocals/keys), Guy (guitar/vocals), Dan (bass), Rhys (drums)

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Track Name: Revelations Per Minute
Lay your head in my hands
I hope you understand
I am an honest man

Glasses hide your eyes
A killer in disguise
But I can see you smile

Spin this 45
We’ll get to the end of it

Swim in summer sun
Dance to the little ones
What have I become?

What have I become?
(No more)
What have we become?
(Nothing else can save you now)
Track Name: Daylight
Can’t it wait till morning, we’ll never find it now
Where is your mind you say
But there’s light in your eyes, and dark in your hair
And everything goes by so slowly

There’s nothing in the memories
There’s nothing in the thoughts
There’s nothing in the lights we saw
But I still see them, and I still know
You’re a part of me, and you’ll never let go

Until daylight kills us where we stand
And daylight knows who we really are

In the silence we can shine, but it’s suffocating us
And now we’re older, you’re still here
Nothing more, nothing less

Do you not see that we’re out of our minds
(Why do all colours fade to black?)
Do you not know that they’re into our dreams
Can you not tell that we’re just shadows
But it’s fine

Do you not see?
Why do the colours fade?
But I still need them
Track Name: Miss The Trees
Wrote your number down
With one too many threes
It does no good to touch on wood
It's just a waste of trees
But they don't make a sound
If no one ever sees
They hit the ground, no one's around
No soul to tell us when we fell to our knees
Hell might as well just freeze

Lies pour from your eyes
When you cry, you cry yourself dry

Why do you choose to voice out loud
What you know should not be said
(Just to please the crowd)
Must be so proud (well we're all wowed)
Such ugly clouds to spill from that pretty head
Shrouding a wood long dead

Lie like any liar should
Fry in the fire
Would wires get crossed
When translation's lost

Pigs in infernal frost
Just might fly

Ice will cover your eyes
If you try to hide it inside
Track Name: Fall Away
The last beat of a heart
Two knees fall to the floor
The fears long concealed come to life
The tears long restrained find their storm

Waiting for the cold to let us live
Waiting for the dawn to break

We’ll fall away to the time when we knew the world
‘Cause we need to feel again
So don’t fall and break if you don’t know which way to turn
‘Cause we’ll find a way through

A room without a sound
A door without a smile
And I never said thank you at all
And I never thought you’d go
Track Name: Have
Find a way to see through all their tears
Each time we tear them down
We’ll be scratching on this sky that keeps us here
From all that we don’t have

And I wish you didn’t scream so much
And I wish you didn’t care

There’s more to this than this
Take more from this than this
You’ll see

Everyone has their time
But what is it you have?
Everyone has their chance
Everyone has their own

Taking part and always have, in your own sad ways
We want everything, and we’ll find it here
Take what you don’t need

Everyone has their time
Everyone knows their place
Everyone understands

You’re too late
Track Name: Square
The wires and cables they left on the table
Are all tangled up in a mess
And fairytale fiction's relentless addiction
Is one woman wearing a dress
An artist’s confession to endless obsession
Is carving a hole in the frame
And mirrors distort, they portray what they ought to
Present as exactly the same

You’re square, filling the silence with moments of violence
You’d scream and no-one would care
The perfect depiction of pure contradiction
So find where it no longer strangles between all the angles
Until you’re riding on air
The only one there

The lines in the traffic and radio static
Are blockages in a refrain
And abbey bells sounding and coffee cups found in
The plastic bags tipped in the drain
Are pieces of mind discarded through time
From the worlds that they try to embrace
And lines in a crack on a wall grow from lack of attention
Like lines on your face

Obtuse, narrow, rounded, straight
Track Name: Speedway Superhero
Driving, my head held to the sun
You'd never know that I'd have
Gone and killed someone
With my sawn-off shotgun
I never thought the sky could look so red
I never felt so high because you bled
I filled you with lead

Before you came I never felt the fear
It’s all I have now you’re not here
Still high on speed and low on beer
(I’ll get you next time Batman)
To all that’s past I raise a glass
Hope it don’t bite me on the ass
You go too fast, you’ll never last

Help me, because I’m gagged and bound
You’d never know that I’m screaming
Because I make no sound
And I won’t be found
Touch my balls or die, I thought you said
Wrong, so here I lie, soiled and dead
I gave you head
Track Name: All My Faults
Clawing at the hands again
When will they let me go this time?
I am on your mind and always in your grasp
And you are all that I have left

And it’s really not my fault
That you do these things to me
And I know that there’s no reason
But I always seem to stay

Is there nothing else to do these days
But stay in here, colliding with these walls?
But I remember smiles, and I remember laughs
And they’re just a memory
In this violent new embrace

And I know that there’s no reason
But I still long for your touch

And it’s really not my fault
That you take everything from me
And I know that there’s no justice
But I always feel betrayed

It’s tearing me apart
That you’ve become my enemy
And I just want to be faithful
But you’ll never us last
And it’s really hard to breathe
When you’re caged like an animal
And I just want to break free
Here I come, oh no

It’s not my fault
Track Name: Blue Glass
This is heaven
All I ever want to do
I’m in heaven
Broken at the gates of truth
Need that fix to get me through

You are, you are
You are everything

This is heaven
No-one here but me and you
We’ll go to heaven
I can take you somewhere new
Another shot of sapphire blue
Track Name: Kim's Game
See what lies before you, make a mental note
So many fish in the sea, gonna need a bigger boat
But it must start to bore you, trying to stay afloat
You’re gonna need water wings
‘Cause the tide’s up to your throat
You wanna meet with the king
Then you gotta get past the moat
But I can swim

I don’t need Kim’s Game
To remember every face and name
I’ll take the fame if it’s all the same to you
I’m on the A-list of everyone you’ll never kiss
So don’t look now
So you’ll never know what you missed

Is a passive bottom on your checklist near the top?
Does an average-size dick
Mean you’ve got the pick of the crop?
And do you know you’ve got them
When their trousers start to drop?
But then you’re late to learn that the pork could use a chop
It’s got some weight to burn, better return it to the shop
But I am slim

Do you wanna play with no strings?
Pull a few and then grab your coat (It’s not over yet)
Well it’s the fat lady who sings
But there's something stuck in her throat
Could it be him? I think it’s him
Could it be him? It could be him

What can I do?
To the back of the queue
Track Name: The Big Reset Button In The Sky
I can’t remember the moment we first met
(Does anyone?)
But you and I were as close as any bet
We haven’t won but we’re learning
To face the sun without burning
(Does anyone) know the yearning
To start at one

Can we start again?

Do you remember the time you said you’d be a vet?
Well we were kind to the animals and yet
We broke the seal
Do you feel strange?
Do you feel it’s time to turn the page?
(But it’s still the sun)
We’re returning
What have we begun?

The books will close, the sun will set
Who really knows just how to get
To where it rose, we won’t forget
To push the big reset
Track Name: Tailgating
You look better in the strobe light
It means that I can't see that look in your eye
That says you know I'm a liar
But you'll still dance with me tonight

Breathe it in
No-one ever wins

Don't act like it doesn't show
You won't be leaving this place on your own
Lock the doors, hide your heart
We all look better in the dark

It's not enough to take you home
‘Cause I know that the dawn is coming quickly
And I hope you'll let yourself forgive me
But I am not safe on my own
And in the morning we won't look so pretty
We are strung out on this broken city

So let's keep up this pretence
No-one wants to be alone when the music ends
Can't you see that it's alright?
It's all that proves that we're alive

We are dying in this city
Track Name: Always And Never
Is there a way out of this sorry state?
Can we not go back the way we came?
I am your armour and you are my light
But it doesn’t always feel that way

And it’s happening again
I turn my back, you walk away
I don’t know why we try so hard
But don’t leave until I don’t say goodbye

Is there a reason to keep this alive?
Worlds fall apart but time moves on
I am a nightmare, and you are a curse
But I know we still have something left