by Rhyn

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“Seamlessly fuses harder alt-rock with moments of tranquil reflection…This is a work of real class.” – Black Velvet Magazine

"A showcase for good tunage and a couple of cracking choruses, Absence paves the way forward for big things. Recommended” – Real Gone Rocks

"Rhyn have created an EP that is sure to make an impact upon the British music scene and beyond" – Über Rock


released February 19, 2016

Rhyn are:
Chris Black – vocals, piano
Guy Johnston – guitars, vocals (tracks 3 & 4)
Dan Marr – bass
Rhys Coombs – drums

All music by Rhyn
Tracks 1, 5 & 6 written by Chris
Tracks 2, 3 & 4 written by Guy

Additional programming & percussion by Jason Wilson
Recorded, mixed & mastered by Jason Wilson at Stakeout Studios, Hampton

Album artwork by Rhyn
Band photo by Chris Murray



all rights reserved



Rhyn London, UK

Rhyn are an alternative rock band based in London and High Wycombe: Chris (vocals/keys), Guy (guitar/vocals), Dan (bass), Rhys (drums)

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Track Name: Elegy
We strive to live our lives with some objective
We try not to die in vain
But I can’t buy into your new perspective
This nihilistic view is driving you insane
I’ll never be just one of the collective
So disconnected from the hive
You’ll never free yourself from retrospect if
You’re the insect crushed along the drive

Hold me when my hands get colder
Tell me it’s going to be alright
Notice me, savour every word of this
My elegy

If every recent word’s already spoken
For what reason do you speak?
Our reveries unheard lie dead and broken
Now we’re woken (do you feel unique?)
I won’t ever see the bigger picture
It never fits inside my frame of mind
But I will sever free from every stricture
Leave clever writs beside my name behind

Hold me high upon your shoulders
Slowly lead me to the light
Know me, treasure every word of this
My elegy

Hold me when the fire smoulders
Show me we can reignite
Oh, believe, there’s more to me you've yet to see
My elegy

May every man have something
Great to say saved for the day he dies
May every plan we made that
Went our way replay before our eyes
We’re more than the clay that made us
So before we fade away to dust
Before we say our last goodbyes

Just hold me
We’re still getting older
Only our eyes will burn as bright
Promise me they’ll shout requiems about
My elegy

Guarantee this will be the death of me
My elegy
Track Name: Fall Away
The last beat of a heart
Two knees fall to the floor
The fears long concealed come to life
The tears long restrained find their storm

Waiting for the cold to let us live
Waiting for the dawn to break

We’ll fall away to the time when we knew the world
‘Cause we need to feel again
So don’t fall and break if you don’t know which way to turn
‘Cause we’ll find a way through

A room without a sound
A door without a smile
And I never said thank you at all
And I never thought you’d go
Track Name: Finite Bodies
The view from what might become
Their lives don't sound like they'd hoped
The barren and wasted minds
The plans just words all along

They burst as they hit the ground
Their mark unmade

They stall as the years go by
As from countless hopefuls
Heroes emerge, without us
They don't see their time will pass
As they hear new futures
Get in line, getting loud, getting closer

They burn as they reach the sky
We can fly further

On the wings that
We build for ourselves from nothing
Their moments might come, but we need more
We've seen what we are, and we're better than

Don't stop
Don't wait
Don't fall

They can hold us back, but we won't back down

Don't break
Don't yield
Don't fold

We can make it through, because we still have

Time to reach what
We want more than
Anything else
We must be heard

Don't dismiss, don't put down
Don't tell me what I can't be
Don't point out, I don't care
Who you are or what you do
I'll never listen to
A single word that you say
Because I know that I have
What you never will
Track Name: Victory
Somebody noticed my mind
And they won’t let me go
Quietly for I have seen the world

Somebody knows where I hide
And I feel like they’ll be speaking
Of this day for years to come

Cloud my mind, hold me so I’ll never feel
Just tell me anything else
Tell me anything else at all but this
Lead me blind, show me why I’ll never heal
But I’ll do anything else
I’ll do anything else at all but this

Fake all the courage you need
As you try to strip away all that
I was and I will be

You don’t see but I don’t answer to
These forms that you prescribe
‘Cause I have seen the light

The world is yours
If you have the fire
Then you can take all
No-one else can show you
What’s already yours
Now your time has

Cloud my mind, hold me so I’ll never feel
Just tell me anything else
Tell me anything else at all but this
Lead me blind, show me why I’ll never heal
But I’ll do anything else
I’ll do anything else at all but this

There’s a light in my sky
There’s a sense that I have
Always known how this will end
Keeping my hopes alive
Track Name: The Only Place
Falling under, here inside my own head
Resurrecting the thoughts I thought were dead
I’m drowning in this endless sleep
Watch me sink beneath the deep
Without you

Feel the frostbite consuming all my skin
Inner sound storm with no one listening in
I’m lost, I’m trapped and I am told
All I can do is let this cold
Run me through

‘Cause I can’t tell what is fake from what is real
Without you I can’t feel

The only place I feel at home is inside you
The only place I’m not alone
The warmth in you’s the only place
That I can be
So let me free my bones
See my face and know I lied
When I said I tried
I’ve found the only place

Winter’s coming, it’s spreading everywhere
Fields of darkness, of solitude, and there
You’ll find me in an open grave
Calling out for you to save
My soul now

Oh won’t you take me by the hand and lead me through this mist
Without you I don’t exist

‘Cause when our bodies intertwine I never feel the cold
‘Cause I know I’ve touched your soul
Track Name: Believe in Ghosts
Am I just another part?
Will our eyes adjust, become accustomed to the dark?
There’re just so many questions in my head right now
How’ll I hear my heart?
Like do I believe in ghosts?
Searching blind, can we hope to find what really matters most?
And in the end will we pretend that everything turned out how it’s supposed to be?
Is that just me?
‘Cause I…

I’m trying to move on but
I’m still stuck inside the walls I haunt
And all I want is love
I’ll make it halfway up, then I start to slide
l fall, I bleed
And all I need is love

Like do other worlds exist?
Are we resigned to leave behind the chances that we’ve missed?
We’ll never know the answers so
Why is there an ever-growing list?